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McDonald's French Fries: A Cure for Baldness?


A recent study on hair growth needed to make a silicone container or chip. An epoxy mold was surrounded with a silicone polymer called poly-dimethyl-siloxane.

This chip was then covered in culture of hair follicles germs, and implanted on the back of a nude mouse. As a result, there was hair growth.

Clearly then, McDonald’s french fries cure baldness, right?


The study found that hair growth on the mice was from hair follicle germs, and NOT from the silicone container that held the germs. Yet, some investigative journalism re-discovered that poly-dimethyl-siloxane just happens to be the same silicone McDonald’s and other restaurants use for their french fries in frying oil as an anti-foaming agent. So, we would also see it in any fried food like crispy chicken filets, fish filet patties, chicken mcnuggets, and hash browns - washed down with your diet coke, dr. Pepper or sprite, also containing the same silicone.

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